International Regulatory Compliance Specialists
Soil Free Tree and Palm Exports
EcoTreat is a service company providing regulatory compliance processing services for nursery stock producers who wish to export to countries that do not allow soil imports. Our patented soil free root system preparation method is at the cutting edge of phytosanitary tree and palm export technology.

Soil free plant exports:
We gently remove all of the native soil from the root systems of conventionally produced nursery stock using a two step process. Once the roots are cleaned & sanitized, we create soil free phytosanitary root encasements (root balls) that encapsulate the entire root system using our new patented method. These encasements (root balls) are durable; nearly air free and they retain moisture well.

Our EcoTreat encasements protect the live root system and promote root growth in transit and after transplant. They provide counter weight & mass to allow for ease of installation at the destination country.

Our export nursery utilizes this phytosanitary root system encasement technology to serve markets that do not allow native soil imports providing this service to most high quality export nurseries.

International buyers shop where it suits them and after arranging their nursery stock purchases may contract with EcoTreat to prepare the products to meet the requirements of their import permit.
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If you need your nursery stock shipped soil free and expect healthy root systems upon arrival, request that your export nursery contact EcoTreat!
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